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I love Boise. It has been my home for thirty years, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Our quality of life, our public lands, and the people who choose to live here are among many of the facets that make Boise unique. Not everyone shares the same quality of life, or access to the many things that make Boise great. My line of work puts me in direct contact with people who are struggling, people who feel left out, and people who are acutely affected by our city’s growing pains.


My family taught me how to work with a tight budget, and how to keep working even though you feel exhausted. My family also showed me the importance of helping others in the community, because as hard as we had it, we knew there were others who had it worse. I learned that being a PROUD community means being there for each other, no matter what.


In many ways, my upbringing and work experience have been preparing me to serve in this office for just about my whole life: Through watching my mother sacrifice her time with her own children in service of the greater good; In my work as a fair housing tester to enforce the Fair Housing Act; In my work as the only Spanish-speaking civil rights investigator for the Idaho Human Rights Commission; In my work with the Girl Scouts to increase services to Native American and Latino communities; and in my current work, helping to connect survivors of domestic violence and child abuse with volunteer lawyers. I know how to help.  Connecting people to resources and solutions and the right kind of help is my passion. All of these lived experiences, and the lessons that come along with them, the skills that have been gained, are what I will bring that to Boise City Council, things that are currently not being represented


I will work for a Boise that’s livable for everyone, and that includes access to affordable housing, safe and strong neighborhoods, and balanced growth that preserves what makes us so special. I will always look to the people of Boise for guidance, and will always view issues through the lens of compassion.


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